Pruzhany, ul. Mitskevicha, 27 (016 32) 3-41-80, 3-42-95


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Pruzhny district is situated in the north-west of Brest region. The area of the district is 2834 square kilometers. The population is 49.9 thousand people. There 243 settlements in the district, including Pruzhany town, Ruzhany and Shereshevo townships. The territory is administered by 2 township councils and 13 rural councils. One third of the territory of Pruzhany district is covered with Bialowieza forest. A 98-km ring road runs around Bialowieza forest. There is a health camp on the banks of Papernya Lake. Children may stay there together with their parents.

Pruzhany Hospital was founded in 1921.

The staff of Pruzhany district health care system consists of 109 physicians, including 2 pharmacists, 10 dentists and 590 paramedics.

Below is the list of the chief physicians of Pruzhany district:

  • Vasily I. Garustovich, 1945-1946;
  • Pavel A. Paralov, 1953-1958;
  • Tatyana M. Olifevernko, 1956-1958;
  • Gennady A. Lapko, 1958-1965, 1969-1986;
  • Gennady T. Kozlov, 1965-1968;
  • Ivan N. Pochinchik, 1986-2011;
  • Viktor M. Doronevich, 2012-till present.